Free Film Payback Calculator

Calculate how much your film or documentary will make

Starting a new production and need a high level figure for the return on your investment? Calculate how much you can make selling your film project. Your payback is an estimate based on the figures you estimate will achieve.

Your film project estimated value is:

Distributors percentage
Distributor percentage fee of your total turnover before distributors one off fee

Likelihood that your film will sell
Likelihood that your production will sell in a given targeted country in it’s release year.

Distributors one off fee
One off distributor fee, signup, marketing or any other non-recurring distributor fee.

Number of target countries
Countries which are most likely to buy your film, ie. English speaking countries.

Average fee paid by a target country
Estimate average turnover per year for one target country.

Estimated content lifespan
Percentage of your total sales you expect to make in the first year. How quickly will the sales fall off? ie. nature programme may be 20% and news based one could be 95%

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