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In addition to manually writing your script it is quite easy to import one. You will need a Final Draft 8 file or higher (.fdx or .fdtx) or a text file (.txt or .pdf). Edictive will breakdown your file according to how it is formatted.

Step 1: Select your project from your portfolio screen.

Add a new Edictive project - 1

Step 2: Select Script from Project drop-down menu.

Upload Text, PDF or FDX script

Step 3: Click on the Upload Your Script File button. You will find it at the end of the Script page. Then select your FDX, TXT or PDF file of your script, once selected the file will begin to upload. You will get an opportunity to review the contents before saving in the next step.

Upload Text, PDF or FDX script

Step 4: Please wait while your script file is uploaded. Once it has, you will see a window with your script broken down for your review. Once you click Save and confirm, the current project Script will be replaced in whole with your new import.

Upload Text, PDF or FDX script

Tip: Script module is also perfect for projects that use a project Project Briefs or even plain text client project outline. Once imported and broken down in to “Script” like format it is then perfect to mark-up and highlights this document with your project assets.

Tip: File breakdown from a plain text (txt) or a PDF (pdf) is 99% accurate this depends on the software that saved/created your file. For accuracy, we recommend importing Final Draft 8 files.

Tip: What is marking up and highlighting of script with your project assets (cast, crew, prop, location etc.)? Highlight words and link project assets right on top of your script. Once a word is linked it will appear as a highlighted word with color you selected and on click you will have a tool-tip popup with the project asset information.