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Project Dashboard serves as a central discussion wall and image mood board. All account users that have project permission (set on User Management screen) can discuss post and upload images. Uploaded images can me marked up with notes for discussion.

Step 1: From your portfolio view, select project by clicking on the name.

Add a new Edictive project - 1

Step 2: Use the centre column to communicate to every colleague that is attached to this project. Images uploaded here will show on the right hand side under your light box.

Add a new Edictive project - 2

Step 3: Right hand side Lightbox will popup full size images. This when opened can be annotated. Simply click to the image to place a note spot and click on the pencil icon to edit tool-tip text.

Add a new Edictive project - 3

Tips: You will be taken to the project dashboard. Left hand column shows you project notes and quick project statistics. Number of assets, crew, cast and locations that have been attached to a project against a number of these confirmed.

Right hand column shows the project hero image and a Lightbox of all images posted here.

In the centre is your project wall, were you can post for the project team.