How to mark-up and highlight my Script with assets from the project like Crew, Cast and Props?

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Break down your script or project brief in to project assets as needed. Link project information to Script mark-up. Analysis a screenplay in which all of the production elements are reduced to lists in order to schedule and budget the production. This is your creative analysis of a screenplay.

Step 1: From your portfolio view, select project by clicking on the name.

Add a new Edictive project - 1

Step 2: Select Script from Project drop-down menu.

Upload Text, PDF or FDX script

Step 3: Highlight a word or a set of words. Once highlighted, click on the edit pencil icon above the highlighted section. This will bring up a mark-up popup for this word(s) just above it.


Step 4: If by this stage of production you have attached a number of assets to the project (Props, Crew, Cast, etc.) Click Link button to add it to the word mark-up.

How to mark up and highlight my Script

Step 5: Click button Select to link desired project asset type. Once linked to the marked up word(s) the asset will show on highlight click the asset for your reference.


Step 6: If an asset has not been linked to this project, create a new one and link it to the script and project simultaneously.

What happens now? After you click Add new project asset you will be taken to create a New Asset Screen. There once all necessary fields are filled in and saved you will be taken back to the project script where you have started with your new asset type added to your portfolio Address Book, Project and now the Script as a word(s) mark-up.

Tip: this is a great way to break down a project brief or script right in to a project one line at a time.


Step 7: Select a highlight mark-up type form the drop-down list to change highlighter color.


Tip: To clear a script mark-up highlight, click on the desired highlighted word(s), the click Delete button on the mark-up popup.

Tip: To save once a word(s) has been highlighted and or linked with project asset. Click on Save button on the mark-up popup or simply click away from popup.