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Once your production has been set-up and ready to be distributed, create Call Sheets for your principle photography days. Call Sheets is a notification and a “cheat sheet” for your Crew, Cast and everyone attached to your Edictive project.

Step 1: Select a project from your portfolio screen.

Step 2: Attach at least one Location to your project.

Optional: Create or import Script in to your project. Make sure your script has Description types (ie. EXT. POOL), these delineate your scenes and can be linked to your Shoot List.

Optional: Set-up your Shoot List. It is more meaningful to set-up your Call Sheet once you have attached Crew, Cast and Props to your production project.

Step 3: Click on Call Sheets found under the Production navigation menu.

How to create a new Call Sheet

Step 4: Click on the Add New button or click on to the day you would like to create this Call Sheet for. You will be asked to select a project a project Location for your Call Sheet. Every Call Sheet is based on one Location.

Making a digital callsheet

Step 5: Now simply click on the newly created Call Sheet on the calendar to modify the call sheet to your needs. Here is an example of a fully configurable Call Sheet. Please note this is application user view, non Edictive users reverencing Call Sheet dispatch will be shown a read only version with tracking for your confirmation.

Digital Callsheet

Tip: Call sheets by default are named after the location they are held at and date. To rename, click on edit Pencil Icon in the left call sheet table.

Callsheet rename tip

Tip: You can change the date of a Call Sheet by dragging and dropping it on to a new desired date. Please not each day can have an unlimited call sheets but only one for the particular location.

Tip: Call sheets that are set after today date and time are become read only. they can not be distributed/sent out. Call Sheets that are a week old are considered archived. Archived public Call Sheet link that is over a week old will not function as a security measure. You can change this by simply changing the date of the Call Sheet