How does Edictive communicate and manage my investors, and how does Edictive budget for a production?

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Here are some Edictive tools you can use to budget your production, manage your investors and better communicate with your stakeholders.

Budgeting for a production

Step 1: Select the project you would like to work with from portfolio screen by clicking on it.

Add a new Edictive project - 1

Step 2: Select Budget from your Project drop-down menu. In addition to actual spend you also have a budget column here. This comes in handy when comparing the actual spend on the same line item.

Tip: In addition to manually entering budget items you can simply add project assets to your budget from their project list or profile screens. (ie. For crew: Pre-production drop-down select Crew. For Crew Profile simply click on one of the attached Crew)


Investor and stakeholder management

Step 1: Select Stakeholders from your Pre-production dropdown top menu. Each stakeholder or investor has a Committed and Collected values you can use to manage your funding round or simply for your client management.  These values are project specific, they are not saved back to your global portfolio Address Book.

Tip: Collected value is used for your Greenlit project status.


Step 2Stakeholder Committed and Collected values are summed up above the project Stakeholder List.

Tip: Budget value here comes directly from your total Budget value.


Project stakeholder communication and participation

Note: Professional Feature. To use this feature you should be subscribed to one of our “Professional Feature Set” plans.

Step 1: On Stakeholders, Cast, Crew and Location list screens you will find “Send Email” button. Clicking this will start an email draft to all the Stakeholders on your list. You can remove or add additional recipients from your project Stakeholders, Cast, Crew and Location.

What happens next: Once you click “Send Message” an email will be sent and logged on your Message Centre.


Step 2: You can track all outgoing direct messages from your Message Centre. You will find your Message Centre from your Project drop-down menu once at least one direct email has been sent out.

Here you can reply or add additional messages and files to the conversation. Email recipient replying to these will also be logged here. You will be notified if we receive an email reply to your thread.

Tip: To receive these notifications please have your email notifications enabled from your Account screen.

Tip: If your project Message Centre is empty it will not appear within your menu. Once you have sent a communication out this screen will be available to you through the “Project” drop-down menu or the “Send Email” popup. (Note the “Show Message History” button at the base of the popup. Again only visible is Message History available)


Getting your Investors or Clients involved

Step 1: If you would like to give first-hand accesses to your investors or clients simply set-up an account for them with Client level accesses. Then add them to the project you would like them to see.

Client level accesses in essence a read only crew account. This user will not be able to edit the project or view financials within a project.