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You can setup you production address asset book before you have a project in mind.

Step 1: Select Address Book from your user menu.

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Step 2: Click on Add New and select the type of profile or asset you would like to add to your Address Book.

What happens then: You will see an Add item screen for your new profile or asset. Fill in all information that you may have for this asset and save. You will then be taken back to Address Book screen.

Now you have created a global portfolio asset or profile. Once you have setup a portfolio asset like this you can attach it to any project with a click of a button.

Tip: If you choose to create a new profile from within a project, in addition to attaching it to the project this new asset will also be saved to your Address Book to be easily reused in another production if needed.

Adding reusable assets to your address book-2

Optional: If you would like to upload your entire contact email list from Gmail, Outlook or Mac vCard. Click on the Upload Your Address Book button at the end of the page and follow the prompts. You will be asked what type of address book item you would like each email to be imported as, so there is no need to sort these beforehand.

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Tip: Deleting a profile or asset from your Address Book will permanently delete it from your account and any project it may be attached to. On the other hand deleting it from within a project will simply drop it from that project only.