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Once a project assets such as Locations, Cast, Crew and Props have been attached to a project it may be time to add these to the Budget as actuals. There are two ways to do so without double entry work of adding the same assets to the budget manually.

Step 1: On the list screen to the right of every item there you will find a $ button. Toggle this to add or remove it from the budget. When the button is blue the item has been added to the budget.


Alternatively: Within an asset profile you will find an Add to Budget switch. Toggling this has the very same effect.

Tip: you will only see this when viewing a project attached item from within a project not when viewing it from the portfolio Address Book.


Budget: When a project asset has been added to your project budget an easy way to identify if it is manually created budget item or not is by the grey item descriptor before the item name.  Manually created budget line items do not have the grey descriptors (i.e. Prop, Asset, Location etc.)


Tip: Cast is auto-added to the above the line and every other project asset type is added to the bellow the line budget container. You are free to move these on your Budget screen by dragging and dropping them as needed.

Tip: Create a budget Set to segment your budget in to logical groups.