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Invite your colleagues to have accesses within your workspace. All new users will receive an email with login dilates and a personal note along with your invite. Emails of invited users must be unique to Edictive. If the email is already in use you will be asked to choose another.

Step 1: Select User Management from your drop-down user menu.


Step 2: click Invite New from User Management screen.


Step 3: Fill in the name and email of the person you would like to invite. Set accesses level and an optional personal note.

The invited person will receive an email with their login information once added. You will have a change to set their accesses type and add a personal note to the invitation email. Note: a unique email is required to add a new user account.


When you click the “Add new person” button below, we’ll fire off nice invitation to the email address you entered above. The email will contain a link to a web page where this person complete the setup process by clicking their own username and password. Plus, you can immediately start involving them in projects even before they have chosen their username and password.

Tip: All uses created begin with zero projects visible to them; this can be assigned at User Management screen. All users at Admin level have default view off all projects.