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User Guide Name Module
Setup your AccountAccount
Adding reusable assets to your address bookAddress Book
Add new users to your Edictive accountAdd New User
Schedule or calendar tasks, milestones and shoot days (Call Sheets) for the productionShedule, Tasks
What are the different levels of access (Admin, Producer, Crew etc.)?Add New User
Add a new Edictive projectPortfolio, Main, Home
Setup your email notification preferencesAccount, Email
How to change my Password?Account
Project communication; project dashboardProject Dashboard
Adding a new asset to your projectProject Asset Lists
Upload Text, PDF or FDX scriptScript, Brief, List
How to mark up and highlight my Script with assets from the project like Crew, Cast and Props?Script, Color Code
Add project assets such as Cast, Crew and Locations to a budgetProject Asset Lists
How to Green light a project when fundraising with production StakeholdersStakeholders, Budget
What’s the difference between a Tasks and a Milestones?Tasks, Calender, Schedule
Assign a Task to my colleague on my project teamTasks, Shedule
How to create a new Call SheetCall Sheet, Calender
Who will receive sent Call Sheet and how will I know they checked it? (ie. Cast, Crew etc.)Call Sheet, Audit
How to add and edit ClipsClips, Pro
Script Breakdown, Shoot List and Call Sheet workflowScript, Shoot List, Call Sheet
Send a direct email to production Crew, Cast or Stakeholders that that are not part of production teamEmail, Crew, Pro
Assigning Projects to your colleagues, account users User Managements, Projects
Manage and communicate with investors, and budget for your productionStakeholders, Investors, Pro
Edictive Refund PolicyBilling & Usage, Cancelation
Resetting the password for one of your colleagues accountUser Management