Your Inner VoiceYour Inner Voice

Everyone at one time or another has felt inadequate. Often, this comes from comparing ourselves to others or feeling that we just aren’t where we are supposed to be in life. The little nagging voice in the back of our head begins to allow negative thoughts to guide our thoughts and decisions. It can be hard to evict that voice, but until we learn to do just that, it can and will nag at us constantly.

To learn to let go and figure out what we need, we must first learn to listen to our heart and mind. To do this, we need to spend time alone with our thoughts and away from people who may have influence over us. When we allow ourselves time to think, without additional messages or input, the time alone can give us the opportunity to reconnect with who we truly are.

You can reacquaint yourself with things you love but have maybe put aside because of others. Maybe you enjoy jazz music but your friends don’t. Take the time to listen to the music you love and enjoy it yourself. If you’re a parent, this can be difficult but even more important as you fill more than one role. Not only are you a parent, but you’re a spouse, friend, employee, etc.

When you have cleared your head, you can begin to learn to listen to the positive inner voice that we all have. When you begin getting information again from others, remember that the way we interpret messages from others may be very different from the way they were intended. Take the time to determine what others are really saying. When you take the time to do this, you often see things from another perspective, one that may be much different from what you initially thought.

Come to Terms With the Truth

When you begin to be open and truthful with yourself, and to see things from other perspectives, it becomes even more important to speak the truth. When we deal only with the truth, perspective becomes clearer and can no longer hinder our path in life. Can the truth hurt? Of course, but the hurt goes away much faster when we deal with reality instead of hiding behind veils of lies.

Being able to tell the truth can be difficult. Many of us were brought up to believe that “white lies” are okay if you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. While this may be true, there are also ways to incorporate the truth so that you can turn a bad message into a positive one, and thus better deal with any given situation. For example, if your friend asks you how she looks in a certain dress and you hate the dress on her, you don’t have to come right out and say it. You can be honest and say you prefer another dress on her much more as it brings out her eyes. Not only are you being truthful, but you’ve also spared her feelings. When people lie, it is most often because they want to get ahead, spare someone’s feelings, or make things easier on themselves. Don’t take the easy route – the truthful path can lead to true and lasting happiness.

Live Your Life Fully

The subject of death is fraught with emotion; some feel comfortable with the reality of their own mortality, while others avoid the topic at all costs. Some people want to believe that they will live on through their work, but many people are afraid they will never accomplish anything great enough to be remembered. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Many times it’s in what we think of as small moments that people truly see us for who we are. Maybe it’s the few dollars you gave the homeless man on the street corner who was on his last dime. Maybe it’s that play that you were in that you didn’t feel was your best performance, but inspired someone to follow in your footsteps. We all continually impact one another and rarely know the full extent of our influence.

Understand and Acknowledge Your Obsessions

Take the time to figure out what it is you love and are crazy about. Some actors find one genre of movie more appealing because for whatever reason it speaks to them. They may find they give their best performances when in these types of roles. For example, Keira Knightley is often cast in period pieces such as Pride & Prejudice or Atonement which she seems perfectly cast for, even though she gets more notice in blockbusters such as Pirates of the Caribbean. Even after the commercial successes, audiences find her appearing again and again in period pieces, such as 2012’s Anna Karenina. Most actors choose those projects that appeal to them the most; it stands to reason that Knightley finds these pieces continually attractive to her on a creative or personal level.

Rethink Your Thoughts

While it’s human nature to judge things based on our past experiences or the information we’ve received, it’s also wise to test the truthfulness of those experiences or information. When you take the time to look at things from another perspective you may just be surprised. Essentially, you create your own world and when you realize you can change your perceptions, it changes the way you interact with others for the better. Script analysis is one way to change your perceptions in a safe way. You can allow what you are imagining and observing to change for your character and, when you see how it changes, you can implement those changes in your own life.

Never Give Up

As you begin to behave in a manner more true to yourself, you will develop and hone your intuition. Once you’ve started along this path, don’t stop. You will become a better, happier, and more comfortable you.

In the world of acting, many actors change their perception of the character after shooting started. For example, Michael Richards started off playing the character of Kramer in Seinfeld as if he were dumb. After eight or nine shows, he decided to play him as if he were smarter than everyone else. Seinfeld was one of the most successful shows on television, and it’s interesting to think that it started off with different characters than it ended with, all because of the change in an actor’s attitude. When you work to consciously rethink your world, that process will become like second nature and begin to happen naturally.

Trust Your Instincts

As you become more and more aware of your true nature, it becomes easier to test your own ideas. You will know what works and what doesn’t for you in any given situation. Second guessing yourself will be a thing of the past. When you get to this point, not only will you have grown as a person, but you will have grown in your acting abilities as well.