Regional Theatre Actors

Regional theatre actors are people who choose a career in the regional theatre system. These professionals perform multiple shows at the Denver Center or at the Guthrie. They travel frequently going where the job is, perhaps performing one show at ACT in San Francisco then two shows at South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa.

What kind of working actor are you or that you hope to beRegional actors can accept the occasional commercial, film, or television show because they are not available to either audition or might be working during the day. It is challenging breaking into this system. Typically, theatres only want graduates from formidable theatre-training programs such as Carnegie Mellon, Yale, NYU, and the Guthrie.  Most auditions to enter into these programs are held in New York or Los Angeles.

Regional theatre actors can make a decent living, but they will never be truly wealthy, although there are exceptions to every situation. I know some individuals have put the regional theatre first all their professional lives and now that they are over 50 years old some say that they have nothing to show for it. Ultimately, one’s overall happiness is the only thing that really matters.

 Just Making It

Sadly, this category contains the largest number of actors. Avoid this at all costs, but things are not always in our control. You might find yourself in this category regardless of your level of talent or achievement. Those who are very attractive and have numerous professional contacts can be found here.

Anywhere up to six times a year, these actors secure a co-star role giving them a few lines on a Primetime Network or Cable TV show. They usually are in scenes with the star of the show.  Securing these gems isn’t easy because casting directors do not select beginners. Instead, they flood Primetime with the top performers who are over qualified for the roles they play. There are no entry-level roles in Primetime Network, Cable TV, or films.

Making A Good Living as An Actor

This might be the best category. Day jobs are not needed and you are regularly offered guest staring roles and the occasional co-star role on a show that you love.

You might have a recurring role on a TV show

You won’t be on every episode, but you appear often within a season and have a fill an important role within the world of the show. There is no series deal here.

You have strong supporting roles in big studio features

Dylan Baker is one of the most well-known actors in this category. If you are unfamiliar with Dylan, use IMDB and search his name. As an actor of this ilk you perform in Equity theatre and perhaps the occasional Broadway show. You earn enough money to own a home in either Los Angles or New York that is an achievement in itself.


These are the regulars on Primetime Network and Cable TV shows. They appear in every episode and have a series deal with a network. They command extraordinary salaries and inform the cultural zeitgeist. Finding yourself here at any time in your career is possible. However, you cannot go anywhere without being recognized immediately.