The North American rights to Stephen Fung’s Action/Comedy ‘Tai Chi Hero’ have been picked up by Well Go USA Entertainment in a deal which includes theatrical, non-theatrical, home video, TV, digital and electronic rights!

The release of Tai Chi Hero is scheduled for 2013, and the film is the second part of a trilogy.

The first film in the series – ‘Tai Chi Zero’ opens next week in America starring Jayden Yuan, Tony Leung Kar-fa, Eddie Peng and Angelababy – all of whom return for the second installment.

The trilogy centers on a 19th century village in China which is threatened by the expansion of industrialists.

As the first two titles suggests, one character who has been in self imposed exile returns to wow the villagers with his new found martial arts skills, thus going from zero to hero.

Both installments are produced by Chen Kufu and were acquired from Huayl Brothers Media.