Warner BrosIn recent statistics relating to domestic market share, last year’s highest rated studio Paramount fell into 7th place as Warner Bros. Stormed into the lead. This has largely been attributed to the success of the Batman franchise. Industry experts are also indicating that if Lionsgate see the level of success expected from the final installment of Twilight, then Paramount could remain outside the top six for the rest of this year.

Paramount were clear leaders this time last year, but with their recent lack of releases they are experiencing a 57% drop in terms of domestic market share and a 70% drop worldwide. Marvel’s smash hit ‘Avengers Assemble’ has propelled Disney into third place this year will Sony have seen similar success with ‘The Amazing SpiderMan’ indicating that it really has been the summer of the superhero!

Universal are currently the most improved of the year with 54% increase which is mainly attributed to early success with both ‘The Lorax’ and ‘American Reunion’ and supported by a umber of summer releases including ‘Ted’ and ‘Snow White & the Huntsman’.