Michael Bay’s Platinum dunes production company is working a top speed to get swashbuckling pirate adventure ‘Black Sails’ underway on US television network Starz. With a planned 8 episode first season, Bay has announced that they have now settled on Toby Stephens to play the lead role of Captain Flint.

Black Sails is set around 20 years before the events described in Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel Treasure Island, following Captain Flint during the height of his career as a fearsome pirate. We will see him and his crew threatened from every side and forced to battle to protect their haven on New Providence Island.

Flint will be forced to recruit a young stranger – one Long John Silver who is a familiar character to anyone who has read Stevenson’s epic or seen one of the many adaptations. Bay is taking a fresh look at the well loved characters in this prequel, directed by Neil Marshall.