Stuntman’sThe set was perfect for the particular scene we were filming. We secured a location in a generating station, which was filled with large machinery, pipes that went in all sorts of directions, and a number of staircases of varying height. With the lighting dimmed, the ambiance of the place was incredible; it was a filmmaker’s dream.

Everyone wanted to get this scene right. The tension was palpable among the crew, the actors, and director, but all were focused and determined.

Finally, the crew finished the scene preparation and the director ordered the set to be locked up. It became quiet and the director declared, “action!”

Two actors at the top of a staircase began to fight. One slipped and started to tumble downward—on the first step, then the second, then the third…the eighth…the twentieth…and the thirtieth before finally hitting the cement floor face down. The entire fall looked and sounded incredibly painful. Finally, the director yelled, “cut!,” and with that, everyone cheered and applauded. The scene went without a hitch and was perfect. The director told everyone to go to lunch.

The stuntman got up and headed out for a break with the crew. It was hard to believe that there wasn’t a single scratch on him.