Now What

Once your film is done, you need to resist the temptation of trying to sell it to every distributor out there. It really pays off to have a solid strategy for your film’s distribution. Nowadays, distribution can go one of three routes; traditional distribution, self-distribution, or a hybrid.

Traditional distribution has lost its appeal over the past few years. With so many films and so few distribution outlets, the revenue for filmmakers has gone down, making it a not-so-viable option.

On the other hand, self-distribution (also referred to as “do-it-yourself”) offers better returns and allows the filmmaker to retain rights and full royalties. The flip side to this is that you have to do all the work yourself, and it requires good startup capital to be successful. The key factor here is persistence and consistency in effort. Some months will be good, others will be really bad. In the end, it is stability in marketing and promoting your film that will help you achieve your goals.

Try to have a “break even” approach to marketing. If you break even, you can go on to experiment with advertising media, and as you experiment and continue to break even, word is getting out there about your film.