Creator of ‘Sons of Anarchy’, Kurt Sutter is usually linked to projects that revolve around violence and drama rather than comedy, but in the new series he is currently developing for FX it is definitely the latter he is aiming for!

New project ‘Diva. Clown. Killer’ is described as a dark comedy series focusing on a has been female eighties rock star and her somewhat dysfunctional son who juggles two jobs as both a clown at children’s parties and as a hired assassin. Sutter is writing and producing along side his wife and ‘Sons of Anarchy’ star Katey Sagal and Belle Zwedling.

Sutter is not particularly concerned about switching from a gritty drama like ‘Sons of Anarchy’ to black comedy. He was quoted in FX’s announcement regarding ‘Diva. Clown. Killer’ as saying, “I look at ‘Sons of Anarchy’ as being an intense drama, where the murder and mayhem are made palatable by absurd, dark humor. This half-hour will be an absurd, dark comedy, where the story is fueled by murder and mayhem.”