Sonar EntertainmentFollowing the successful adaptation of A Game of Thrones by HBO, it comes as little surprise that there is renewed interest in bringing other fantasy novels to the small screen. One such project is Terry Brooks’ ‘Shannara’ series of books which has reportedly been picked up by Sonar Entertainment for production in partnership with Farah Films and with Brooks hiself attached in an executive producer role.

The series is set in a distant future where a long series of wars has destroyed civilization and returned our world to a medievalesque state – albeit one with some mythical beings and magic thrown in for good measure! This world has been the setting for some two dozen books by Brooks’ the majority of which have made bestseller status. This indicates that the television adaptation would have a ready made fan base at its disposal!

Warner Bros had previously purchased the rights to the second book, ‘The Elfstoes of Shannara’, but they have now expired leaving Brooks free to pursue television deals.