Director Scott Derrickson has spoken of how horror flick ‘Sinister’ came into being following 3am drinks at the Mandalay Bay with writer C. Robert Cargill. He indicated that the movie was complete within one year of the Vegas meeting! Sinister kicked of Hollywood’s Halloween season on Monday with a premiere at Westwood’s Landmark Theater.

Derrickson said that one of the best parts of the movie was the fun he had working with the child actors. He explained how they all loved dressing up and getting blood on them like it was one long Halloween party. Child actor, 10 year old Clara Foley said that making the movie alongside star Ethan Hawke was fun rather than scary, but added that she has not seen the finished picture as it is R-rated, but is looking forward to watching her performance when she comes of age! Speaking at the premiere, Foley said, ‘I’m not seeing the movie tonight because it’s rated R, but I might see it in the future.’