As apps are created, they will fall into one of several categories. The first is series-specific, an app which would be used over the course of a show, and could be customized with the brand and theme of the particular show.

AppsThe second would be event-specific, and would be downloaded and used once, for major television broadcasts, such as elective coverage or award shows. Network-specific apps would have the broadest applications, working for a network’s entire array of programming – if a viewer was interested in a number of shows from one network, this would allow them to follow information of all of their favorites in once place, eliminating the need for multiple apps.

There are also apps that allow “syncing” – a true companion experience, as it syncs directly with what the user is watching at that time, whether the show is watched live, on demand, or on their DVR device.

Other apps simply release content leading up to, during, and after the broadcast, giving the user a longer experience.
No matter the type of app or content delivery, each intends to provide additional content to the viewer – attempting to capture not just the viewer’s attention, but also their loyalty.