Possibilities for ApplicationsMost people, when watching TV with a second screen device nearby, are prompted by curiosity to use it.

They might be curious about the actor in a program or want more information about the Titanic documentary they’re watching, or need to research the back story on an episode. An internet-linked device provides information for all of these curiosities immediately.

Instead of asking a user to perform repeated searches to find all the information relevant to their inquiry or to the show, applications built for users’ companion devices, like their smartphones or tablets, can bring the relevant information to the user.

It could be an app that drives trivia-type content to a user at the time that their favorite show is set to begin, or an app that is specifically for that show that has archives of backstory and actor bios built in.

Finding a great intersection between form, function, and content for the masses is still being developed. For any kind of app meant to link video content and user experience, there are likely to be many challenges before great success.

One of the challenges is the simple fact that not every user is looking for the same information. While many might be looking for similar facts and information, the experience will not be universal.

This means that TV networks and app companies will be testing their content and learning from the users and their behaviors before anything can be deemed overwhelmingly successful.