Edictive Film Production and filmmaking

Distributing your film is not just about finding your perfect sales agent and distributor. You’ll also need to understand the various agreements involved in the process.

One of the most important kinds of contractual agreements is the theatrical feature-film delivery schedule. This deals with the postproduction materials that your distributor will need to release your film, such as film masters and marketing materials. Deliverables can add a lot to your budget, so you need to plan ahead for them.

Delivery schedules have changed with the advent of technology, and all items, costs and prices are negotiable. Be sure that you do not agree to what you cannot deliver. A good postproduction supervisor can help you with this.

Costs will vary greatly, as film budgets and other factors vary, such as the type of film used. Overall, agreements will include language regarding the quality of your deliverables; the deliverables will need to be approved by the distributors’ laboratories. FilmBudget.com can help you determine your requirements and obligations.

Courtesy of FilmBudget.com, here are a few tips and some of the estimated costs related to delivery items for a low-budget independent film. These are examples and should not be considered complete for your specific project. Some may overlap with other parts of your budget.

For filmed productions, allow $12,000 for access to the negative by laboratory agreement. Also allow $12,000 for access to the answer print by laboratory agreement.

  • For masters, allow $11,000 for the Interpositive (IP) for an average 110-minute film. The same applies for the Internegative (IN). Remember that some distributors may require additional masters. For access to the Digital Intermediate (D.I.), the number can vary from $110,000 to more than $200,000.
  • For video masters, allow additional to-D.I. costs of $50,000 to more than $80,000.
  • Marketing materials can vary from $4,000 for basic design and production of posters to more than $10,000 for press kits with photos.
  • Other costs include sound delivery, music licenses, stock-footage licenses and insurance.