Infamous heavy metal icon Rob Zombie has been cementing his secondary career as a filmaker over the last few years proving that his flair for showmanship extends from on stage to behind the camera.

He shot to acclaim with his gritty and at times depraved ‘House of a 1000 Corpses’ and ‘The Devil’s Rejects’ when he painted an intimate portrait of twisted serial killers. However, many felt that Zombie’s star had faded with his Halloween reboots. Luckily, his latest offering previewed at TIFF this past week suggests that he is back on the rise.

‘The Lords of Salem’ has been dubbed as “effectively creepy” and charts the downward spiral of radio DJ and recovering drug addict Heidi, played by the director’s wife Sheri Moon Zombie, as she becomes embroiled in increasingly terrifying encounters involving the spirits depraved witches.

The Lords of Salem is definitely a genre picture and will no doubt garner a strong cult audience, but it seems unlikely to have a massive theatrical release. It has yet to be picked up but, had already courted several offers even before the midnight premiere in Toronto.