Problems with the Shoot

Reality TV - Problems with the Shoot & Safety

Most people who sign on for reality shows don’t expect to have so much direction over their movements, and they especially don’t expect to be the bad guy or to get into conflict with their cast mates. Because of this, many of reality TV actors become disenchanted with the process.

The staff who deal with cast members need to be extremely polite and diplomatic, and when the duty falls on you, be sure they don’t feel manipulated or the backlash may cause serious problems.

Even though the job really belongs to the field producers, sometimes you’ll be called upon to interact with the cast, and you need to follow certain rules when doing so:

  • Don’t tell them what you plan to use on the show
  • Don’t tell them anything they don’t already know
  • Don’t tell them anything you don’t want them telling someone else
  • Don’t tell them how they’re being portrayed on camera
  • Don’t directly lie to them, it will only go off in your face later

If they do ask you about something that you can’t tell them, just tell them that you are not at liberty to answer the question. If they still persist, deflect them to a senior producer, and let them handle it.

Safety on Set

Always remember that while you’re out there to get a story, everyone’s safety always comes first. Any threats, plots or dangerous plans need to be reported to superiors immediately.

Although most production companies do conduct extensive evaluations; psychiatric, character, and physical, it is possible for some to slip through the crack, so make sure that safety is always your first priority.

Now, let’s focus on YOUR safety.

You’ll basically be running around like a headless chicken trying to do your given tasks for weeks on end, so you need to make sure that your body can hold up to the stress and pressure.

The first step to keeping yourself healthy is to pack some healthy snacks for when you’re on set. Production catering can’t provide you the healthiest of meals, so always have something that will keep you satiated. It’s also necessary that you sleep as much as you can between shoots, and don’t forget to add some exercise to keep yourself fresh.

You always come first, so if you’re asked to participate in a situation where you feel threatened or endangered, it’s within your rights to deny participation. Especially if said situation involves illegal activities.

Remember that good television cannot be put before anyone’s safety or sanity.