Production Wrap-upFinally, after many months, the final product is ready. Now it is time to plan storage, delivery, as well as airdates, release dates, or festivals.


After all of the hard work put into creating the film, storing the final copy in a safe, environmentally controlled location is essential. The post facility can store the production only while the film is being made. After it has been delivered, other storage and vault arrangements need to be made. Once these storage arrangements have been made, the head office should be notified with all necessary information.


Delivering the final production to all applicable sources on time is essential and leads to additional income. Every party should not necessarily receive a master clone, however. Revert back to the financing agreements, as this is where “deliverables” can be found. These required elements might include digital masters, an M&E track, transcriptions, biographies of the main cast and crew, publicity photos, a cost report, or many other requests. The Postproduction Supervisor will have this list.

Sometimes, broadcasters have the right to reject delivery due to technical reasons, such as quality control, after they have viewed the delivered master. In order for delivery to be completed, the broadcaster (or distributor) has to accept the finished production. A technical evaluation of the final delivery materials can be completed before delivery to help address any technical issues before it becomes a major issue.

Festivals, Air Time, and Release Dates

For television series productions, the Postproduction Supervisor may be informed about air times and festivals, so that s/he can share the information with the crew and cast. However, it is unlikely that the Postproduction Supervisor will know when the release date of a feature film will be. The Producer has this information.

The success of the film depends on the cast and crew sharing this release information with their friends and family. A film is only a success if it is seen, and word of mouth “advertising” is the best – and cheapest – way to attract a large viewing audience.