Once the project is funded, members should be given copies of the development activity projection for review. The producer should also schedule meetings with each member, either individually or as a group. During these meetings discussions and suggestions about the story should be held.

Production Company Advisory MeetingsStory

Producers should work constantly to improve the story. This includes reviewing different analysis and coverage reports. Producers should continually brainstorm fresh ideas and request for more researched story leads from creative writers.

U.S and Major International Territory Distributor Announcements

Following the creation of the production company, an introductory announcement should be sent to every major distributor. A personal letter should accompany the announcement, introducing the company and defining the kind of relationship that the producer seeks to build with each respective distributor. As well as the introduction, the announcement should indicate:

  • The company’s mission statement.
  • That the production company is fully funded to handle its project.
  • The number of pictures on the company’s development schedule.
  • That the interest of the distributors will always be taken into account .

The quality of the announcement should be reflective of the heights to which the production company aspires. It should therefore be of similar or even better quality than an announcement from a major studio. Letters should be sent three or five days before press or trade ads.