Predictability Of ClichésThe mind can’t help but expect certain results in any given situation; characters behave in the same way. When the general details of a situation are given, clichés are expected. A wonderful way to use this concept is to do the complete opposite. Turn the cliché upside down!

Jim Rockford from The Rockford Files was far removed from what we expect a private eye to be. While most typical private eyes are always ladies men, quick to let the fists fly and constantly nursing a hangover, Rockford was the complete contrast to these clichés.

He was entertaining in his habit of being swayed by money in nearly all situations. Unlike most in his profession, fights were avoided whenever possible, which was a refreshingly different take. And what kind of investigator likes to hang out with his dad? No wonder he didn’t have much luck with women.

On top of the character differences we see in Jim Rockford from most private investigators, he also possessed an informant who had a knack for causing nothing but grief in most of his cases.

Going against the typical grain is an excellent way to add depth to a character. Take the cliché of a hard-nosed cop who grumbles at the very notion of getting a new partner. Why not shake that stereotype completely and have the cop pleading for a new partner? Contrast in a character catches the eye of the audience, and makes that creation interesting.

Imagine a vampire who is squeamish at the sight of blood. Not only is that the total opposite of clichéd, it’s has potential for being funny.

Now consider the typical truck driver and turn it inside out. Describe a truck driver who is anything BUT typical. Make this person the absolute opposite of what would be expected.