Plans to remaster Paramount’s upcoming release ‘Paranormal Activity 4’ for an Imax release at 300 domestic locations on October 18 have been announced concurrent with the nationwide release of the film. This will be the second film in the franchise to receive the Imax treatment, as Paranormal Activity 2 also saw an Imax release. The sound and image quality in the movie will be reworked to suit the Imax format.

To date, the Paranormal Activity franchise has grossed over $575 million worldwide, with the third instalment being the most successful this time last year with $8 million from midnight premiers alone. The film also had the highest 3 day domestic opening for any horror film at an impressive $52.6 million.

Paranormal Activity 4 has an official release date of Oct 19, but following last years success, they plan to offer midnight screenings on Oct 18 to kick start the launch.