Paramount have secured sci-fi/horror short ‘Vessel’ by Clark Baker and renowned genre writer Stephen Susco, best known for The Grudge, is tipped to both write and produce a feature length adaptation which will retain Baker as director.

Vessel has been likened to genre classics ‘Alien’, ‘The Thing’ and ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ and is an innovative blend of practical creature special effects and the most modern virtual effects. It tells the tale of a group of airline passengers who are pitted against ‘an otherwordly force’ following take off.

The short has received plenty of favorable reviews earlier in the year from a number of influential websites. Susco has been working closely with Baker to develop the original script into a feature length offering. In addition to both films in the Grudge franchise, Susco has also written Lionsgate’s forthcoming Texas Chainsaw 3D and was co-producer of hit horror ‘The Possesion’ also for Lionsgate.