Opposition of Typical Character

The reason ― Cinderella works as an entertaining tale is the contrast in the two main characters. Cinderella is a poor girl living a miserable life, while the Prince has it all.

He can have any girl he wants and he chooses her. If the story were to begin with Cinderella already a Princess, instantly the tale becomes quite boring. Where‘s the excitement in a Prince and Princess falling in love?

The suspense of contrasting details like a poor girl being at a lavish ball –with the added suspense of getting back home before midnight – is a big part of what makes this story so entertaining. Without the contrast, it‘s boring.

The Godfather Trilogy shows a perfect example of contrast. The three brothers were about as different from each other as could be imagined. Dishonest Fredo seemed, in his traits, what one would expect in a crime boss.

Then again, hotheaded Sonny was tough and would never back down, which is another set of traits that seem perfect. And then there was quiet, reserved Michael. He went totally against the grain in a mafia family and even joined the army. This studious one became the eventual Godfather, which was the complete opposite of what would normally be expected. Because this path bucked against the cliché, the films were exceptionally entertaining.

From traditional stories like Cinderella, to cinematic classics such as The Godfather, contrast makes characters fascinating. Suddenly a created character is rich and alive, showing a mind and personality beyond their simple description.
Try to create an environment that is completely in contrast with a Ballet Dancer. This should cause the character to come fully to life.