Ahead of tomorrows first trailer release, Marvel have released a fresh set of images from upcoming superhero blockbuster Iron Man 3, set for release in May 2013.

The images promise a mixture of both action and romance featuring both of the leads Gwenyth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr. says Marvel head Kevin Feige.

In an interview with USA today, Feige said, “While he is a charming guy, it is often hard to root for a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist because they seem to have it all. In this movie, we are again going to see him stripped down more than we’ve ever seen him since he was in that cave, again with his back against the wall and with nothing but his wits to help him survive.”

Tony Stark will be putting his brain to use as he once again upgrades his suit to better help him in his fight against evil. The latest technology allows Stark to call the suit to him piece by piece any time he needs it – but of course we can expect some malfunctions and teething problems!