Seth McFarlane’s first feature film ‘Ted’ has proven to be a box office hit with $395 million worldwide in ticket sales so it should come as no surprise that NBC Universal are eager for more from the pot smoking, foul mouthed teddy bear.

Creator Seth McFarlane, who is best known for adult animations Family Guy and American Dad, says he has not even considered the possibility of a sequel, but is certainly interested in taking the idea further. However, the project may well be hinged on McFarlane’s other commitments. As well as overseeing and voicing three cartoon shows (with the addition of Family Guy’s spinoff ‘The Cleaveland Show’), McFarlane also has a fairly successful singing career. Of course he will also need to come up with a great script to have any hope of attracting Mark Wahlberg to a sequel.

Studio boss Steve Burke confirmed his interest at a recent media, communications and technology conference in Los Angeles where he also confirmed that he is interested in continuing the Bourne franchise.