How many ways and places are there to view a film these days; the cinema, free to air TV, cable TV, computers, iPads, gaming consoles and even phones. This means producers need strategies to target audiences in several ways simultaneously.

Direct to Consumer DVDIn the digital age DIY distribution and releases have a number of advantages. Firstly, they  have the ability to focus on a niche or cross-over audience. Secondly, they can sell directly to the consumer and have flexible release dates and even formats. Finally digital DIY is an affordable alternative to cinema especially, for indie films.

However, don’t dismiss the theatrical release just yet.  The branding that happens with a good theatrical release is almost irreplaceable, but the costs and other barriers for Indie filmmakers do put them at a disadvantage. There are a few avenues that Indie film makers can take to even the playing field with Studio releases and also a few areas of caution.

Direct to Consumer DVD

DVDs can be great money spinners but they should not be expected to perform well if the film itself has not had a theatrical release. They need that ‘branding’ to sell or even just to get attention on social networking or other recommendations on the web.

Furthermore, if the film is struggling to find theatres willing to take a risk on it and DVD seems like the easier route, the DVD should not be released unless it has been determined it will never have a theatrical release. It almost certainly won’t be picked up by a cinema if DVD copies have been put out.