Being a successful producer takes skills that are typically absent from the creatives within the industry, however a great producer also requires that creative side. It is a very unusual blend of skills and is the main reason that a good producer is hard to find.

Multi-Tasking Producers

You need to be a hard headed business man but also able to recognize a great story, you need a good financial head but also be able to empathize with your audience, you must be able to manage people and give them space to create but also know when to step in and take charge.

When great producers die the comments made about them by colleagues ranges from hatred to devotion, and both probably indicate they were doing their job well.

If there is one quality which a producer absolutely cannot do without, it is organization, and of course that is most true when a producer is handling multiple projects at once. Producer’s lives are dominated by schedules; the ones they have to live by, and the one they make everyone else live by.