Most producers are tied to production  companies or studios, so their choice of projects is somewhat managed. Having said that, many will bring projects to those companies or may indeed be part of the management of that company.

Multi-Tasking Producers House StyleDoes it benefit a company to have a house style or brand identity? Outside of the film industry, in areas like fashion, big companies trade on a certain style; why don’t films? They certainly used to, Warner Brothers in the thirties made gritty gangster pictures and socially conscious drama, MGM turned out glossy star vehicles, and Universal made first rate low budget horror. But now, outside of Disney Pixar, there’s no studio and precious few production companies who maintain a brand identity across their product.

The truth is, consumers look at the name of the brand that makes their clothes, they care. When it comes to films, however, consumers don’t care about what company made the film, they care about the director and the stars .

There is therefore little percentage for companies in having a house style, however, some individual producers do. Again, why? From an audience point of view there is similarly little percentage because audiences pay little attention to the names of producers; there are a few well known ones but they are often better known for some other area of production (men like Steven Spielberg or Tom Hanks), there are a couple of big name producers who are dedicated producers, Joel Silver or Harvey Weinstein, but they are the exception.

If audiences do recognise the name of the producer, there is little evidence to suggest that it has any effect on what films people go to see; people who see one Joel Silver film may go and see another but not because it’s produced by Silver. So again, why do some producers stick to a personal style? Because it’s of value within the industry. There maybe a lack of understanding of what producers do outside of the industry, but inside it is understood and respected, and there is a definite percentage in being recognised as the best at a certain type of a film.