In terms of reality TV, few shows have hit the success of MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore’. The channel have confirmed the the latest and final season of the reality show will air beginning October 4. The ratings for the reality franchise have been dropping, but it is still faring well in the market in comparison to scripted television aimed at the same demographic. MTV have also confirmed that they are commissioning a second season of spinoff reality show ‘Snooki & Jwoww’ despite poor ratings for the first season. The network strongly believes that Snooki is worth taking another shot with. The same cannot be said for fellow cast member Paul DelVecchio, as his spinoff “The Pauly D Project” has not yet been picked up for a second season.

MTV have stated that the decision to bring Jersey Shore to an end after this sixth season was not made so as to end on a high, but because they feel the cast members have eveolved away from the original vision of the show with many involved in long term relationships. There are no plans to replicate the show with a new cast.