Manage SomeoneThere is always going to be someone you have a problem with, whether that someone is a useless boss, or an irritating colleague. It is easier to deal with if it has to do with incompetence in the workplace, but what happens when it concerns a person’s personality? Is it right to just avoid that person, or do we have to eat lunch with the very person who drives us crazy?

Expert Opinion

Life would be great if we could like everyone we worked with, but of course, that is never going to be the case. Fortunately, liking everyone is not a requirement to achieving success in the workplace. It would be an ideal world if everyone in our team was our friend, a person we could invite into our home. However, a variety of individuals with different qualities is needed—whether liked or not—to contribute towards the team.  Although you do not need to like everyone you meet, there are disadvantages in disliking people you see on a daily basis. While you may think that your disregard for your colleague or employee remains hidden under the surface, you are highly mistaken. Often, our subconscious acts out, and whether you mean to or not, you will treat them differently from everyone else. Continue reading to find out how to deal with somebody you dislike.

It Is Not All Bad

Disliking some of your employees is not the worst thing you can do. In fact, disliking is actually less of a problem than liking your employees too much. The people you get along best with are the ones that are probably a bit too nice. It is an easy guess to say that they do not challenge you, or offer up any opinions. You want people who annoy you with their constant suggestions, or argue with you about yours. This leads to productivity, a chance to see a different view, and probably something that you would have never thought of.

Switch Your Focus

Every time you hear them laugh it grates on you, and you feel your body tense up. Let’s not forget the way they constantly tap their feet on the floor or their pen on the desk. Don’t you think that takes up a lot of energy, constantly feeling annoyed about things they do? You will feel a lot better if you stop and think about why they wind you up so much. Yes, they may be irritating, but why do you allow it to get to you so much? Here is a list of common reasons behind your feeling towards that person:

  • They remind you of someone you dislike, whether that person is an old friend or an annoying relative.
  • You see a reflection of yourself in them.
  • You have a preconception of them based on their background.

Really begin to think of the situation you are in and see if you can begin to unravel what the root cause actually is. With that, you may be able to tackle and solve the problem.

Look Past It

Although you would like to believe that the person you dislike is the most irritating human that has ever walked the earth, they will actually have a lot of positive attributes to them. While you may be blinded by a certain part of them, you should try and look deeper. Open your eyes to what they do well and how they contribute to the team’s effort. Slowly, you will find yourself looking at them differently; yes, they may still annoy you, but that feeling will slowly die out.

There are many different ways to manage people you dislike and have no regard for. The most important thing to remember is that it is best to look at your own issues, rather than to blame someone else. You will never be able to change that person; they are who they are, but what you can do is change your outlook and approach. Your work environment will become a better place for it.