Lionsgate LogoLionsgate is one studio that is well known for favoring the horror movie, a trend it looks to continue with negotiations to secure ‘Lovely Monster’ which is to be a feature length adaptation of an acclaimed short film by Italian director Francesco Calabrese.

Lovely Monster focuses on a young lady with a rare and deadly disease which is slowly transforming her into a monster. Calabrese is attached to direct the project which is based on a script by John Scott III who has previously dealt with teenage transformations after writing ‘Maggie’ about a teen girl who becomes a zombie.

The original short on which the feature film is based was highlighted on in April of this year and was very well received. Lionsgate are a distributor which is synonymous with backing innovative horror with some of their most well known successes including ‘Saw’, ‘Hostel’ and ‘The Cabin In The Woods.’