Linking Story Strands TogetherAny one story is usually composed of many different characters each with his or her own personal story. Using location, event, and theme can bring the multiple stories together into an even greater narrative.

Returning to Stagecoach, each character is distinct with strong personalities, vocabularies, and attitudes. The characters are made more complex by having two faces – how they see themselves and how society sees them. Using this theme to bring the characters together creates an even stronger story out of already interesting characters.

Ultimately however, the best way to create an engaging lead is to look back at stories you yourself enjoyed. Analyze what about them grabbed you and how did they draw you in? From classics such as Stagecoach to modern movies like the X-Men series, there are plenty of lessons to be learned from the stories currently out there. Hopefully, by appreciating what’s old you can create something startlingly and engagingly new.