Jodie Foster is set to direct indie drama Money Monster at IM Global, with Daniel Dubiecki’s Allegiance Theater.

The story, written by Alan DiFiore (Grimm) and Jim Kouf (National Treasure), is based on a TV personality who is a money guru on Wall Street thanks to his insider trading knowledge. However, a viewer who lost everything on a bad tip decides to take him hostage live on air creating a media frenzy.

Production is slated for and early 2013 start and casting looks set to begin as soon as possible. Dubiecki will produce. Foster has previously directed The Beaver starring Mel Gibson and also Home for the Holidays and Little Man Tate. She is also a two time Oscar winning actress and has recently starred in Roman Polanski’s ‘Carnage’ and will appear opposite Matt Damon in sci-fi offering ‘Elysium’ set for release in March 2013.