Acting For MeThis article is a guide to determining if you can survive the difficulties of an acting career. Think about how you’d answer the questions below.

  1. Do you really love acting? The best thing to do is to focus on your love of acting, not the negatives and disappointments that you’ll inevitably encounter. To engage with acting, you’ll need to take regular classes, write scripts and shoot them, and work on stage. This dedicated effort is what shows that you really want to be an actor – ten minutes in a weekly audition or two does not.
  1. Can acting be only part of your life? Acting should not be the only thing in your life. For most aspiring actors, it will be a day job. Engage with the community you live in and with your friends and family. These experiences give you a wider view of the world and thus improve your ability to act. Without the benefit of experience, you’ll be a limited actor.
  1. Are you prepared to look after yourself? To be an actor, you need to survive stressful times. This means you need to look after your body – eat, sleep, and exercise to connect your mind and body. You need to nurture your spirit, too.
  1. Can you manage the ups and downs in life? In the acting business you will encounter struggles, disappointments and a lot of emotions. You need to be able to manage these without getting overly dramatic. You need all the energy you can get, without wasting it on circumstances over which you have no control.
  1. Can you just be you? Accepting yourself and your career, rather than comparing yourself to another actor and his or her opportunities, is essential. Each actor is unique with unique experiences. Concentrate on your journey and the ways that you can express that journey through your art.
  1. Can you be grateful for what you have? Appreciating what you have helps aspiring actors endure days and months of disappointment. Regularly identifying things you are grateful for helps replace the negative feelings you can often feel when you don’t get the part you want or when you are not  feeling confident about your talent.
  1. Can you be a good person? Be good to yourself and be good to others. Be compassionate to those around you, whether it’s the casting director, fellow actors, or the person who cut you off on the motorway lane. This attitude will create happiness and leave you more energetic for your acting roles.
  1. Can you work closely with  people and not get romantically entangled? Separate your work and personal life. Understand, though, that you will be attracted to colleagues when you work closely together on personal and emotional material.  When actors on a set start a romance, all of the other people on set can be negatively affected by the ups and downs of that relationship. It could also put your career at risk, unless you are the star and they can’t do without you.

If you can manage all of the above, you can look forward to a career that gives you constant opportunity for personal growth.