At the recent UBS Best of Americas 2012 Conference, president of Hasbro, Brian Goldner spoke of the highly anticipated Transformers 4, expected some time in 2014. While he was more focused on discussing where Hasbro is going in terms of toys, Goldner did confirm that fans can expect to see some new robot faces in the latest instalment of the live action Transformers franchise!

This has set hardcore fans a flutter with talk of Dinobots! Hasbro have indicated that they believe poor toy sales from Transformers: Dark of the Moon may have been down to the fact that the main robot characters have remained the same throughout the franchise. Speaking at the conference Goldner said, “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon did well in box office. Regarding toy sales… it’s because of same characters in all three movies. This is why Transformers 4 will have a new cast of robot characters and it will be a story revolving around these new characters.”

While no-one has actually confirmed who these characters will be, fans of the original cartoon series are begging to see Grimlock and co appear on the big screen. The Dinobots, which as the name indicates can transform into robotic dinosaurs, feature heavily in recent video game tie-in ‘Transformers: Fall of Cybertron’ causing for even greater speculation as to whether or not Michael Bay will bring the beloved characters to life.