Music ProducersThe Music production industry has developed since its infancy in the mid 20th century as it was established. The structure of the industry matured from music professionals in different spheres to record companies that hired those professionals. As time went on the independent music producers appeared, founding new recording companies and inventing new brands and bands in the music production industry. We will again take public opinion to describe the most prominent and influential music producers.

George Martin: “The Fifth Beatle”

George Martin is most famous for his work with The Beatles, as he took part in the creation of almost all of their albums. Working with The Beatles gave him a chance to eventually become an independent producer in the music industry. For his achievements, George Martin was awarded the Knight Bachelor, a British special rank for achievements in entertainment.

Berry Gordy: Identifying the Musical Talent

Berry Gordy started his producing career from finding The Miracles and most of the singers who signed on later with this producer became popular and successful in the music world. Gordy’s music production company was Motown Record Corporation. It was hugely successful in promoting African-American singers and groups and became successful releasing over a hundred songs appearing in various music and cross-over charts, often gaining  the number One spot.

Sam Philips: The Heights of Success

Sam Philips, as a music producer, played an important role in the development of rock and roll and promoting such famous singers as Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, just to name a few. He became the first non-singer included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the enormous contribution to the development of rock and roll and the invention of this explosively popular new music genre.

T-Bone Burnett: Singer and Producer

After Burnett had played with folk music legend Bob Dylan, it gave him a start in his own career as a solo musician and band group lead. After his singing days waned, Burnett continued his music career as a producer and he is now just as famous, if not more, for his cooperation with such singers as Los Lobos, Roy Orbison, and Elton John. He gained his success as a Grammy-winning music producer for his work on the soundtrack to ”O Brother, Where Art Thou?and won four music awards for it. Burnett still continues his singer career, releasing albums; however, he is more successful and better famed, as a music producer.

Quincy Jones: First Oscar-Nominated African-American

Quincy Jones was among the first African-American to gain unmatched, enormous success in the entertainment industry and to be nominated an Academy Award for Best Original Song and Best Original Score. Jones produced Michael Jackson’s album Thriller,  which sold  millions of copies all over the world. The cooperation with Michael Jackson on Jackson’s following albums resulted in the recognition of Quincy Jones as the most powerful record producer of our times.

Brian Eno: The Development of Ambient Music

This producer started his music career basing it on his experience as an artist, a painter. Brian Eno compared the development of his music’s sound with the process of painting a picture and it gave him a steady comfortable process in creating new music styles later called  ambient music. Eno is nowadays known for working on albums of popular bands such as Talking Heads, Depeche Mode, Slowdive, James and Coldplay.

A Grammy-Winning music producer David Foster

After having started his career as a musician in a band, Foster became a famous and successful music producer by working with world renown, top notch singers such as Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Bryan Adams and many others. His talent brought his singers immense success, and gained him popularity and numerous awards. Three Grammys for Producer of the Year out of the total sixteen Grammys won by him prove David Foster is a talented and influential music producer of our times.

While music styles have been changing for years, and every singer, band or producer tries to bring something brand new to the music industry, a music producers’ aim is to make their products popular among the listeners to gain the overall recognition for their achievements in the music sphere. Even though some of the attempts are unsuccessful, their names well-known and popular, certain to remain highlighted in the history of music.