Indie film makers on strict budgets were the pioneers of spreading curiosity or a cool factor through social media and hence build their film an audience.

The Blair Witch ProjectOne of the best known examples was The Blair Witch Project in the late 90s. The low budget home-made looking film spread speculation (was it a documentary or fiction?) and  later admiration for having spread that speculation to begin with.

Then Blair became a hit in the box office. Studios couldn’t buy that kind of publicity with their sleek commercials.

Research from Ripmedia and Forrester Research has shown that since 2007 advertising, views and revenue are gradually transferring to the cyber world and film promotions is  more audience driven rather than the traditional paid advertising campaign whereby the view is passive.

A film makers or advertisers best friend is a superfan who is a blogger, reviewer and/ or social media junkie.

There are more than 37 global social networks with more than 10 million viewers and 5 social networks with more than 100 million (as of early 2010). New ones pop up all the time and old ones evolve, usually aiming to make more advertising revenue from their membership

Here are some outlines of films that used digital marketing to become sensations.