Branding your Film

The face of advertising has been permanently changed by the dynamics of online media.

Brands are required to re-think their strategies. It’s no longer enough to come up with smart one-liners, instead there is movement towards more intelligent advertising such as short films to imprint themselves in the audience’s minds, and taking full advantage of social networking to spread the message.

MoFilm is an organization with a vision of bringing brands and filmmaking talent together. The process works like this:

  1. The brand issues a brief
  2. MoFilm transforms the brief into a call for creativity
  3. Filmmakers compete by creating an ad
  4. The ad that best reflects the brand’s ideals wins

The process is transparent and is not bogged down by bureaucracy. Furthermore, MoFilms methods offer filmmakers a chance to work with some really big brands, while simultaneously offering the brand a chance to build a business relationship with a talented organization; keeping in mind the chance for further development and collaboration.

With such a talent pool in play, the product offering is bound to be of a very high calibre.