Most young actors feel overwhelmed at the prospect of transitioning from theatre to on-camera work. Being a purist, I prefer theatre work to other medium. Though the facts associated with a working actor are a financially healthy career balanced among theatre, film, TV, and commercials.

Ready to Make My Living as an ActorWhat City Will I Live In?

New York and Los Angeles are really the only cities where one can make a living as a full-time actor. Other states certainly have working actors, but living in these states results in very few job opportunities. Make the move to either major city before you turn 25 years old, if possible because finding an agent will be easier. You need to start networking to have sufficient time to build your career when you’re at the peak of marketability.

How Will I Support Myself?

There is a heavy cost associated with starting off with headshots, wardrobe, grooming, classes, casting director workshops, seminars, socializing, and being seen at various career related events. You must look and feel your best at EVERY audition.

Surround yourself with people who can fully support you emotionally and financially. You will need a brainless job with flexible hours. Aim for a minimum of $15, 000 liquidity when you relocate to either NYC or L.A. It might take a few months to find a job. However, if you are a young, talented, and well-trained actor, but haven’t had the option to save that much money you should relocate anyway. Make a way!