Hybrid Film Distribution Model

The DIY philosophy doesn’t apply just to painting your own house or self-publishing a book. With a film, you can do your own platform theatrical release. When you hold screenings, make sure to have a table selling copies of your film on DVD.

All along you should be selling DVDs or streams and downloads off your website. Technology can offer independence, and with that you can easily find yourself self-distributed

Don’t rule out the traditional path, however. Keep your mind open to a hybrid approach that may end up being your best bet to get your film out to a good-sized audience.

If your DIY efforts are successful in building buzz for your film, they may also catch the eye of a traditional DVD distributor. At this point, depending on the size of your buzz, you may not be so interested in signing a contract anymore. After all, teaming up with a traditional distributor means sharing that revenue you’ve been making through your own efforts.

One way toward a win-win is a hybrid distribution model. When the traditional DVD distributor offers a deal to get your film out there even more widely, you can agree — just as long as you keep your movie’s online rights. This hybrid has become more common as niche films find an audience online that the filmmakers don’t want to let go of.

The hybrid deal is a win for the distributor, too. When you promote your film online, that can lead to more retail sales in the long run.