Scripted drama gives a different, more intensive experience of television. Scripted dramas engage viewers intensively because they require a certain level of loyalty. Successful scripted dramas engage viewers for longer time periods, making a more lasting relationship with the viewer.

DramaThe example of My Generation  shows us that check-in apps can’t do all the work. ABC and the new iPad app have enabled synchronising with the show and offered various types of entertaining and engaging content. One of the popular examples was a poll viewers could take about their high-school days. Viewers could also see other viewers’ answers and connect to them on more personal and sentimental level, such as generation.

This complementary content wasn’t enough for series to succeed – My Generation was cancelled after two broadcasts due to low rating. ABC learned from this experience, making Grey’s Anatomy  a success.

This example show us again that quality content of the show is essential. Apps just have to follow it and profit on it almost effortlessly. Viewers get interested in quality content of the show and follow the associated content because of the content of the show, not other way around.

It also brought an important subject to attention – is synchronizing double-edged sword?

Synchronizing with the show allows viewers to experience show in a different and more direct way, engaging and entertaining viewers with additional questions, opportunities to comment and express their opinion. It can integrate viewers with the show making it a part of their experience.

On the other hand, synchronizing can disturb the viewer. This is very clear when it comes to scripted drama – it requires and creates a different kind of attention. Viewers get attracted and sink into the storyline, and they would like to stay there.

Fox thought of the time-shifting view of Bones, offering viewers complementary content – social media backchannel on iPad app and episode soundtracks.

The one that seems to have it all is HBO – its high quality production and capturing storylines ensure viewer’s attention and interest, but also a large number of tweets during the most intense events in shows. This seems again to be the story of a quality.

Journey In Your Living Room

From The Edge With Peter Lik is a vivid search of the world’s most dramatic landscapes. Its vividness is accomplished not only with amazing scenes from these landscapes, but also with a great visual quality and  second-screen content.

The Weather Channel uses Nielsen Media Sync platform and offers interesting follow-ups. Quizez, an app that brings information about the landscapes and Peter’s photographs on your iPad make this show a unique synchronized experience.

Extension To Sports

Sports are closely connected to the second-screen. Second-screens can provide viewers with a lot of additional information about the game, such as various information about players, their statistics and statistics of the show, highlights of the event and many others. Viewers have an opportunity to find out more and see the details the maybe missed during the show. Second-screens provides the viewer with an opportunity to incorporate information with what they’ve seen.

The Kennedy’s  Experience

Experience For TVReelzChannel made a successful second-screen application to the miniseries. Viewers could interact with the main characters through their iPad app. Viewers could also see the additional information about historical events that series was based on. It gave the second-screen not only an entertainment role, it also providedt an informational and educational role for curious viewers. The Kennedy’s seamlessly created a very live and ”crowded” backchannel.

What’s A TV Screen Without A Second Screen?

Almost every contemporary TV show offers a second-screen experience. Techology opens place for new ideas and innovative ways to attract viewers, giving them a feeling as they were there.

Royal Wedding was followed by interesting content, like interactive map of the wedding procession and royal family tree with included bios.

The Oscar Award Ceremony traditionally has a large number of viewers, but that didn’t stop them from offering the viewers the ability to watch the show from different angles – viewers could activate various cameras such as the Backstage, Press Room and Control Booth cameras, to have access to real-time events.

Second Screen And Back-channel

A Second-screen needs something unique to keep the users involved in communication. Bravo took a step in that direction by launching Talk Bubble for the iPad app, allowing users to interact through additional content.

Individual Approach

NBC enriched their  viewer’s second-screen experience with an NBC moderator who hosts and motivates conversation by answering users questions and leaving comments. It seems to have made quite a success – 47% of users answered they would watch NBC because of their NBC Live app.

Other networks also developed unique approach to the development of the second-screen conversation, such as HBO Connect, MTV Watch With, and Discovery Channel Shark Week.

Time will prove whether these applications work as something that connects or eventually disconnects by offering too many individual approaches.