Sony cartoon ‘Hotel Transylvania’ pulled in $4.7 million on Monday thanks to kids enjoying a Columbus Day holiday from school. This is a massive 159% increase from the previous Monday. To date the animation has taken $81.4 million in the US and $115 million worldwide. Columbus Day is not traditionally a major holiday in terms of moviegoing, although it can sometimes help family orientated films, with a mid-fall surge.

Hotel Transylvania is proving to be a solid performer, even holding its own against Disney’s Halloween animation ‘Frankenweenie’ which opened last weekend. Hotel Transylvania only experienced a 36% drop when the rival film opened, while Frankenweenie struggled in the first few days of release, bringing in just$11.4 million in opening weekend and an additional $1.7 million on the Monday. However, it is expected that when Disney release ‘Wreck-It-Ralph’ on Novemeber 2, Hotel Transylvania will begin to struggle.